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• Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Superfood Cooking Oil

Coconut is one of the world's most nourishing superfoods. Great for sautéing and baking, enhancing your favorite recipes, and body care.

• Organic Coconut Manna

Creamy Coconut

Pure whole coconut; ideal as a spread or in smoothies, sauces, and desserts. Contains fiber, protein and nourishing fats.

• Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

Ideal Omega Fatty Acids

Our hemp oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and contains the ideal 3:1 omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Delicious combined with olive oil in salad dressings and pestos.

Rich in protein, with omega-3s and minerals, hemp is the world's most nutritious seed. Sprinkle on salads or entrees, add to smoothies or enjoy right out of the bag.

• Organic Chia Seeds

Ancient Superfood

These mighty, gluten-free seeds, are packed with omega-3s, protein, rare antioxidants and fiber. Enjoy in yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods or smoothies.

• Organic Hemp Protein

Plant-Powered Protein

Easy to digest plant protein with amino acids that are vital for good health. 50% protein, 26% fiber. Add to smoothies, shakes and baked goods.

• Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber

Plant-Powered Protein

Higher-fiber plant protein with amino acids that are vital for good health. 37% protein, 40% fiber. Add to smoothies, shakes and baked goods.

• Organic Hemp Protein - Shakes

Plant-Powered Protein

Hemp Protein is an energy-packed addition to shakes and smoothies—the perfect meal replacement or snack. Full of organic raw protein, fiber and phytonutrients.

NEW! • Organic Vegan Buttery Spread

Dairy-Free & Soy-Free Butter Replacement
Delicious buttery spread made from a blend of red palm oil and virgin coconut oil.

NEW! • Organic Vegan Superfood Shortening

Best Choice for Baking
Neutral flavored, dairy-free shortening made from a blend of virgin coconut oil and red palm oil. Ideal for pie crusts, biscuits and cookies.

NEW! • Organic Sunflower and Red Palm Oil Blend

Nutrient-Dense All-Purpose Cooking Oil
Versatile, delicious and easy to use blend of sunflower oil and red palm oil with antioxidant vitamins A & E.

• Organic Coconut Flour

Gluten-Free Baking

Finely ground from dried coconut meat, with a lower glycemic index than most traditional flours. Its rich texture and natural sweetness make it great for baking.

• Organic Coconut Sugar

Low-Glycemic Sweetness

Made from fresh coconut tree sap with a subtly sweet taste similar to brown sugar. Unrefined with a lower-glycemic index than cane sugar.

• Organic Red Palm Oil

Fair Trade & Orangutan Safe

Delicious buttery oil great for sautéing, stir-frying, and drizzling over rice or popcorn. Rich in antioxidant vitamins A & E.

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• Superfood Sampler Pack

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