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Organic Superseed Blend

We've blended three powerhouse super seeds - flax, chia, and hemp - sweetened them with a touch of coconut for a delicious "slightly sweet" flavor. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Omega -3s, fiber, protein, and lauric acid in one convenient package. Contains 2000mg Omega-3 from Alpha Linolenic Acide (ALA) and 3000 mg of fiber per serving.

Use this product in a variety of ways!

  • Perfect topping for oatmeal, yogurt or cereal.
  • Add to baked goods such as muffins and breads
  • Mix several tablespoons into your favorite pancake batter
  • Blend into smoothies and shakes

The Nutiva Kitchen is filled with delicious recipes and tips for incorporating coconut oil into your diet.

More Info On This Product

Nutiva hemp seeds comes from certified organic and non-GMO hemp that is grown on farms in Canada. Hemp is the world's most sustainable plant as it is easily cultivated and grown in a variety of areas, does not deplete the soil and requires less water than other crops. We'd love to support U.S. farmers, but it is currently not legal to grow it in this country!

Our coconut sugar come from the richest soils from Southeast Asia and is made from fresh coconut tree sap, collected from the cut flower buds. The sap is heated to evaporate moisture, resulting in the crystal or granular form of sugar. Nutiva's coconut sugar is subtly sweet taste of Coconut Sugar is similar to brown sugar with a hint of caramel. Unrefined and unprocessed, it is considered to be healthier than other refined and chemical sweetener options.

For our ground chia, we grind fresh, whole chia seeds to make them more convenient to use in baking and in other ways like smoothies. These tiny but mighty seeds are packed with vital nutrition that can enhance many recipes.

Certified organic and non-GMO
Made from raw chia and hemp seeds
Never hexane-processed
Always chemical free

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